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What Bill Wants You to Know

Bill is a self-advocate who has been volunteering, working, and honing hobbies since he was a young teenager. As an adult, Bill works at a prestigious university and a local recreation center, enjoys focusing on health and fitness, and travels internationally. Bill's submission is in video form, and a transcript is offered below for accessibility.

Transcript: Hello, everybody. My name is Bill Steinberg, and I'm going to be talking to you about my life. I am a project aide at Northwestern University. I help out teams with their projects. I've been working at Northwestern for 2 years now, and the employees there are very well regarded, really open-minded, really well respectful, and it's a good, steady job for me to work at Northwestern. From there I help out teams with their projects, and whatever open spots I'm open at. They always pull me in on their team to help me out with some projects, and whatever project they need to get done, they always come to me. And I also work at the Highland Park recreation center for 4 years now as a receptionist. I work behind the fitness desk. I work there as well, and they employees there are very well regarded. I also run 5Ks over the year, and I've been working out, running, and exercising.

I understand that the bullying thing is not going well for you, I advise you all to hang in there because I was bullied once by a different autism kid, but it didn't get me down on the boxing match. I got knocked down, but I got back up. And look where I'm at now! As a good Rabbi of mine once said to me, my "job is to go around the world and brighten up people's lives." And I'm sending you this message to bright up your lives. If you keep yourselves lined up, you'll live like a King, and Queen, or a Princess, or a Prince. And look where I'm at now, livin like a King or a Prince. And I worked really hard in Israel, and I also went to Israel. I went to Israel, and good Lord, it was full of sightseeing. And I enjoy going to movies, and I enjoy hanging out with friends, and I enjoy running 5Ks.

And to all the parents with special needs kids, you think your kids can achieve something, they can! Like, for instance, my parents knew that I'd be getting myself a better job than any other jobs I've worked at...and they were right! So, I would recommend you keeping your hopes up and and there is a chance that your hopes can be accomplished on what you'll hope for in the best way for your kids. And most importantly, be around for them, cheer them up whenever they are down, give them tons of other words that means kisses, and give them tons of hugs. Be around for them when they're down or low, and they'll be around for you. And yeah, just make sure they're on the right path, and you might see all your hopes coming true....same with your dreams. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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