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What Bob Wants You to Know

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Bob is a self-advocate who has testified before his state Senate and House members many times. Bob's submission is in video form, and a transcript is offered below for accessibility.


Hello, my name is Bob Peterson. I'm a self advocate, and one thing I'd like to tell parents is that when you are starting with your children getting into different services, don't be afraid because once you get into children services and the school system, it'll be easier to transition to other services. So there's a whole team of people that are going to help you. And just don't be afraid to start out with zero-to-three because there are different programs for that. And the website you're on will have that. So if you need more information that will be available also. Thank you for your time.

Note from Dreams Form Goals: Although this website does not list specific information for zero-to-three programs in each local area, you are welcome to contact me using the CONTACT ME page, and I will help direct you to your local agency.

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