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Blogs, Podcasts, and Vlogs to Follow

Special Chronicles

​Special Chronicles is a nonprofit media platform that gives respect and voice to people with special needs. The Special Chronicles radio show tells special needs stories in an unique way because the host, Daniel “PodmanDan” Smrokowski, is a person with special needs. Because of his insider’s perspective and the show being available online, Special Chronicles broadcasts distinctive, first person accounts of special needs that are heard around the world. Daniel interviews people with special needs including their families, friends and anyone who touches their lives.


Five Moore Minutes with Shelley Moore

Excellent Inclusion resource!
Five Moore Minutes is a website with
dedicated to empowering schools and
classrooms to support all learners.

think inclusive podcast.png

Think Inclusive Podcast

The Think Inclusive Podcast features interviews and commentary with thought leaders in inclusive education and community advocacy.

Special Books by Special Kids

Videos that seeks to normalize the diversity of the human condition under the pillars of honesty, respect, mindfulness, positivity and collaboration by telling the stories of children and adults living with a disability. The stories told are impactful, short, and often updated.


Meriah Nichols

​Robust website with articles, resources, and reviews written by a mother of a child with living with a disability.

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