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What Crystal Wants Parents to Know

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Hello my name is Crystal Davis and I am 26 years old and I strive with autism spectrum disorder. I am a Global messenger for Special Olympics Illinois, international ambassador for the #IAMABLE movement based out of Australia and Bulgaria and the National Miss Amazing Miss Queen 2018.

This is what I want parents to know. A parent naturally feels the need to protect their children from the world around them and parents with children with disabilities are even more protective. Despite us at times getting aggravated annoyed and frustrated with this we do appreciate you. You don't understand what it's like to want independence and to reach the milestones others reach so naturally that we struggle to reach. When we get aggravated you are not a bad parent we are simply struggling with ourselves. But we also need chances to learn independence and skills "On our own" what I mean by that is sometimes it takes an outside persons help to allow us to feel we're being independent. Mom and dad hanging around all the time can sometimes make us feel like we aren't able to gain independence as easily.

I want parents to know that I have a new appreciation for everything you do and put up with at times I've seen more and more the toll it takes on you and I want you to know we love appreciate and respect you whether you can see it or not I want you to know it is there. You as our parents teach us how to be our voices in a crowd of noise you teach us how to face diversity and ignorance and in return we teach you what unconditionally love and admiration looks like. 

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