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What Erin Wants Parents to Know

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Erin is a proud 7th grader and member of the Jr. High Band and Choir. She's a Special Olympics Athlete and Global Messenger. She wants you to know that sign language was her first language and she was in Signing Time and Rachel and the TreeSchoolers videos. Erin is a dance assistant at her awesome studio. Her current dream is to meet Abraham Lincoln, which she is doing through history classes, reading books, and visiting museums. Erin's submission is in video form, and a transcript is offered below for accessibility.


Hi, Parents! It’s me, Erin C!

I want you to know that a child with disabilities is perfect just the way they are. My life is special, just like all kids. I am a dancer. I am proud to be on the unified dance team, and I love ballet. When I dance, my parents are proud of me, and it is easy to be included.

Find your child’s passion. It might be singing, dancing, playing ball, or traveling. Don’t ever let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

Trust me when I tell you this: Someday you will see your son or daughter on the stage. You will be so proud. All the kids on the stage will be phenomenal but yours will always be right here in your heart. I promise if you do that you will see the future in your daughter, in your child’s heart. And you will be unstoppable.

Happy dreaming! Keep me posted on how it’s going. I am going to be so busy hearing about your dreams.

I love you!

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